An achiever with a heart of gold, Tony brightens the lives of everyone he meets.

At a young age his parents instilled in him the mantra that giving back is the best reward in life. Taking their advice, Tony dedicates his time to making life easier for others.

Always keen on running, ‘‘Forrest Gump style’’, Tony has channeled his energy into a diverse range of roles over the years that have shaped his career.

The roles vary from working hard on the pro tennis circuit as a young man, hotel management, sales, and becoming CEO at HPA Helping People Achieve. Tony has also participated in 5 Iron Mans & 2 100km Ultra-Marathons while raising money for charity, and even once became the NT Rock-Paper-Scissors Champion.

There is no disguising the intense passion, dedication and inspiration that Tony brings to his life and others.

His passion for the disability sector is infectious and Tony leads his team with an enthusiasm that is undeniable.

In 2016 Tony’s team at HPA made Australian history by becoming the first Not for Profit business to win not only the inaugural ‘Charity Award Telstra Business of the Year for the Northern Territory’ but also the overall ‘Telstra Business of the Year for the Northern Territory’.

Driven by his greater sense of purpose, Tony believes in his capability to make his dreams a reality, encouraging him to welcome new experiences.

This drive and purpose contributed to Tony being named 2017 Finalist for the NT Australian of the Year and an Ambassador for 2019 Australia Day Awards.

In June 2021 Tony was Awarded the Medal (OAM) of the Order of Australia in the General Division for service to people with disability, in recognition of his extensive work and philanthropy in the sector over a number of years.

With a zest for life, Tony’s infectious passion inspires all of those around him.

My Family
Amy ( Wife ) Layla ( Daughter ) and Daisy ( Daughter )

Topics which inspire Tony Burns

Embracing change

Inspirational messaging

Triumph against all odds

Harnessing the law of attraction

Challenging yourself to lift, no matter how high the wall, or how big the goal

Being in the present moment

Creating happiness & fulfilment

Mastering the art of giving

Social network engagement

Team building: communication, winning as one, accountability